Confidence in the Community: Meet Matthew and Joe!

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Client and Support Worker walking in park. The Support Worker is holding a dog on a leash.

Now he’s got more confidence speaking with people. Having one-on-one interactions with others in the community.’

These are the words of one of our brilliant Support Workers Joe, speaking about his client Matthew who lives with an intellectual disability. The pair have formed a cracking partnership, and every week sees them out and about in the community.

Support Worker and Client walking on foot path in park. Support Worker is smiling at client.

Each week is different,’ Joe says. We do all sorts of activities.’

This includes going out to cafes, art galleries, the library, playing sports and doing regional trips to towns like Geelong and Ballarat. Matthew also loves spending time with animals and especially therapy dogs!

Client sitting on park bench and patting a dog.

Dog is licking client's cheek while they sit on park bench.Client is laughing because dog is licking his cheek.

There are two activities that stand out as Matthew’s favourites. The first is the footy and his beloved Hawthorn Football Club.

He loves the footy,’ Joe says. Going to the Hawthorn games, and even going to the Hawthorn club when the footy season is over.’

A portrait of a client laughing at the camera.

We catch the trains and this gives him some independence, he also orders food at the counter by himself. And now he’s getting the confidence to speak to other fans too.’

Apart from the footy, the other important part of Matthew’s life is going out for a coffee to meet and talk to different people.

Client and Support Worker looking in shop windows on footpath.

We’ve got about five, six coffee places that know him very well, and he’ll go up to the barista or the owner and have a chat while I stand back. And now he’s got the confidence to say “good morning, how was your weekend?” And he remembers their names and they remember his.’

It’s clear that Matthew has come a long way since partnering with Joe. The Support Worker’s calm personality and dedication to helping achieve the best for Matthew and his other clients really shines through.

Portrait of Support Worker smiling at the camera.

It’s enjoyable and very rewarding if you put in the time and effort to make it worthwhile,’ he says.

Being a mentor and giving clients an opportunity to be independent and make them feel comfortable and confident within themselves, that’s what I enjoy most.’

Joe has empowered Matthew to reach his goals and live the life he wants to live. This is just one example of what our fabulous and dedicated team of Support Workers can achieve alongside our Zest Care customers.

Client and Support Worker laughing together on park bench. The dog is being held on its leash by Support Worker.

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