Vulnerable Children’s Program

What is Family Services?

Our Family Services team works closely with referring partners to provide care and support for vulnerable children, young people and families.

Every individual and every family are unique in their needs. Our team of Family Support Workers offer personalised care designed for each individual and each family’s unique needs and goals.

Zest Care Vulnerable Children’s Program

What types of support do we provide?

We have delivered successful outcomes through tailored programs that support children and families across the following areas:

  • In home support that includes parenting skills, techniques and strategies, establishing daily routines and boundaries, and behaviour management support
  • In home support with mothercraft skills to support parents with safe sleeping, wrapping, feeding, bonding and attachment
  • In home support can include support to parents who may be recovering from an operation, accident or injury, and may involve transport as required
  • Providing parents and carers with respite support for their children in the home or outside of the home
  • Facilitating and supervising family time between parents and children or young people who do not live with their parents. This may also include transport to and from the contact
  • Targeted individual support for children or young people who need supports through mentoring
  • Emergency care for children and young people whose foster care placement ends and require entering into alternate care arrangements.

The families we support

Families referred to us may need support due to risks in relation to social, physical, economic, emotional or mental health needs, involving either the parents, guardians or child.

Each of the families we help is unique and we work with our referring partners to support each family’s specific needs and goals.

Our referring partners include:
  • Government child protection agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Workers’ compensation agencies
  • Funded service providers

Feedback we’ve received!

Thank you all for the help you give me and my family and in supporting me in this journey. I’m very thankful, thank you to all.

I wanted to say a huge thanks. It has been a pleasure working with you in supporting this young person transition to her home. You and the team demonstrated a high level of commitment in working together and went over and above with completing any additional work.

If our services apply to your situation, or you are seeking further information about how our program could help a child or family in need  please get in touch.