Maria’s Beautiful Tapestry

Danielle Lawson NDIS

Maria Sorbello has been making tapestries for years. She loves using interesting scraps of material; the more colourful and vibrant the better!

Maria has an intellectual disability and lives at home. She received her NDIS plan recently and became a client of Zest Care, with one of her main goals being to get out and about and engage in the community more.

When we discovered how much Maria loves making tapestries and quilting, we decided to take her to the Sydney Craft & Quilt Fair. Held at the International Exhibition Centre at Darling Harbour, we had our fingers crossed for a sunny day to make it a great day out!

Luckily, the weather dawned bright and beautiful. Maria and her Zest Care Support Worker spent the whole day at Darling Harbour, with the light glinting off the water.

First they explored the expo, admiring hundreds of wonderful quilts and talking to the artisans who made them.

“It was so nice,” says Maria. “So, so nice. There was cross-stitch, long-stitch and embroidery. My favourite is long-stitch. There were lots of people there! Then we had a burger and chips for lunch. It was so good. It was a great day!”

We’re delighted that Maria enjoyed the day so much. Finding out what our NDIS clients enjoy and helping them achieve their goals is a major part of what makes our work satisfying.

That’s what makes Maria and her tapestries this month’s “Good News Story”!