Making the Perfect Match!

Danielle Lawson NDIS

At Zest Care, we believe finding the right match between Carer and NDIS Participant is essential. After we’ve met with new clients, we spend a considerable amount of time assessing their needs and figuring out which one of our dedicated team is going to be the best fit. Like the NDIS, our approach is person-centric.

An example is Jaime-Lee, who is twenty years old and has severe cerebral palsy. She requires constant care. Her mother Judy is her primary carer but their NDIS plan also provides the family with one-on-one care 3-4 days a week. Jaime-Lee and Judy were referred to us a couple of months after Judy had heard some good reports of the work we have been doing through the NDIS.

“Zest Care got onto the ball really quickly, which was great…and they certainly found the right person for Jaime-Lee! Nicole is fantastic.”

“Nicole gets on really well with Jaime-Lee and also her two pet chihuahuas, Bindi and Snowy, who are her loyal little companions”.

Nicole helps with Jaime-Lee’s personal care and also spends time with her; reading books to her, watching DVDs and doing puzzles.

“What I like about Nicole is she’s 100% there for Jaime-Lee”, says Judy. “Jaime-Lee is non-verbal but I know when she’s happy and she is!”

That’s the kind of feedback that brings a smile to our faces at Zest Care, which is why Jaime-Lee is our Good News Story this month!