Good News Story – A Bright Future

Danielle Lawson NDIS, Uncategorized

We celebrate and appreciate the outstanding contribution and remarkable efforts our dedicated team of Support Workers make to the lives of our clients and communities. Marisa and Olivia’s story is to be acknowledged and merited as we celebrate our carers.

Marisa has been supporting Olivia for only 3 months. She has built a great relationship of trust, understanding and communication.

Olivia’s goals focused on building her life skills – such as helping with speech therapy, school homework such as grammar and conversation, and occupational therapy such as learning to tie her shoelaces.

Olivia has great memory and entertains Marisa with her knowledge of characters, movies, and TV shows. Marisa and Olivia bond by communicating and having a laugh about the quirky and interesting knowledge Olivia easily retains.

Olivia’s parents are thrilled by how well Olivia is interacting with Marisa and recognises the importance of Marisa in Olivia’s journey towards a more independent life.

Marisa proudly says “She shows me how much she enjoys my company. I get an enjoyment with helping her with day to day routines and teaching her new life skills.”

It is obvious when you meet Olivia that she is a person who has the drive and determination to create her own future, but you can also recognise the importance Marisa is in facilitating and supporting the goals Olivia wants to achieve in her life.

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