Good News Story: Friendships Have No Age Limits

Danielle Lawson NDIS, Uncategorized

Friendships are crucial for a young child’s development, learning and experience of wellbeing. At Zest, we are committed to forming and facilitating strong bonds between our clients and our dedicated Support Workers. Our client Lachlan’s friendship with Emmanuel is a true testament of this commitment.

Since beginning his journey with Zest, Lachlan’s friendship with Emmanuel has supported his socialisation skills, access of the community, and independence. Lachlan and Emmanuel meet weekly, spending time together shopping, going for a walk, playing at the park, or having fun at ten pin bowling.

Lachlan loves to have a chat with Emmanuel, expressing his thoughts and feelings – anything that is on his mind or concerning him.

Lachlan and Emmanuel have a bond that defies their 13-year age gap. The two have developed mutual trust, which is an integral part of successful support work.

“I can tell Emmanuel anything as he listens to me,” says Lachlan.

Lachlan’s mother, Cassandra also portrays Zest’s values of commitment and dedication. She is extremely supportive of her children living with disability and truly understands the significance of working with a NDIS service provider that facilitates forming friendships that can enable clients to reach their goals.

“Lachlan knows what days Emmanuel is coming and is excited when he gets home from school. He gets ready and waits for him to arrive,” says Cassandra proudly.

Forming these bonds for our clients to enable them to achieve their possibilities is a major part of what makes our work satisfying. We are excited to see Lachlan and Emmanuel’s friendship continue to blossom.

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