CEO Briefing: July Changes to In-Home Care Services

Danielle Lawson In-Home Child Care

Zest Care and In-Home Care (IHC) today and after the 2nd July 2018 new scheme.

To our families, clients, participants and staff, with whom side by side we have travelled the In-Home Care journey over the last 18 years. We hear and understand your anxiety, worry and concern regarding where the new Federal Government In-Home Care services are going leading up to and from 2nd July 2018.

Here at Zest Care we know that you need certainty and clarity as to what is happening to the supports for you and your family under the new In-Home Care program.

This information bulletin is to provide you a Zest Care update on what is happening, based upon what we know today, the latest information from our founder David Wilson from his ongoing departmental contact with government, and the greatly appreciated feedback you are all providing us.

We will continue to send you these updates to share with you our families as and when we receive further information to keep you as fully informed as we can.

Over recent weeks, and increasingly as we approach the 2nd July 2018 switch over to the Federal Government’s new Child Care Support structure, information of varying reliability and accuracy has been flowing out. This has included for many, if not by now nearly all of you, varying communication from media, friends, providers and your PwC contact as nominated by the department.

In light of the current roll-out of the new Child Care program and the lack of clarity and certainty as to the impact upon In-Home Care, Zest Care cannot do any more than to state that we will continue to provide Business As Usual (BAU) In-Home Care Support after 1st July 2018 – as we have been doing for the last 18 years.

Zest Care is adopting this position until such time as any other absolutely clear information is available from government to the contrary.

We will continue to offer all of our families the best in class care & support, that you have been accustomed to from our amazing and committed staff over the last 18 years, with you our families at the centre of our focus.

At the same time to support our families we are also actively pursuing all avenues to enhance & expand the availability of alternative care & support opportunities. In particular this includes that some of you may be eligible under the new NDIS scheme. Our dedicated transition team is actively working through contact with each and every one of you to assist in the assessment and, where possible, the application for NDIS eligibility and funding.

We will at every step of this journey advocate with you side by side, we will fight for you, and support you to obtain the best supports that the new policies will enable. At the very heart of our history with each and every family is that we must earn and maintain your trust. For Zest Care and its staff this sits as our ultimate duty of care for families, participants, individuals and organisations we work with.

In this current market of uncertainty – nobody knows what is happening from day to day. In this environment and with no information to the contrary then Zest Care is adoption a committed position of Business As Usual (BAU) – we will continue to deliver care, support and use every resource available to us to look after you our families.

We personally commit to continuously keep you informed as the Child Care sector receives further information and clarity as to the latest developments in how funding and support services will operate.

Fred J P Van Steel


Zest Care