Behind the Scenes: How we Support Vulnerable Children

Danielle Lawson In The Community

As a community, we have a responsibility to support and protect vulnerable children. In a perfect world, all children would grow up in nurturing and healthy environments. However, due to many different factors, some children are placed in difficult circumstances. That’s when we’re here to help – and quickly.

A Quick, Clear Path to Support

Our Vulnerable Children’s Program (VCP) is designed to provide care and support at a moment’s notice.  Over 18 years of experience supporting thousands of children and their families across NSW gives us the tools and expertise to provide quick, effective  intervention for at-risk children through our VCP.

Tailored to each Individual Case

The VCP is  comprised of a number of  programs which cater to the different needs of our referrers and families, ensuring that real progress is made in relation to the desired outcomes.

Some of our programs include:

Crisis Support

  • Immediate support in crisis situations 24/7
  • Tailored to the individual and referrers’ goals

In-Home Care

  • In-home support for families, children and individuals
  • Quality outcomes through monitored support


  • Short-term relief for parents and guardians from caregiving
  • 24/7 In-Home care

Education and Care

  • Support and care in cases of neglect or high risk including positive parenting techniques, behaviour management, trigger identification and inclusion strategies
  • Establishment of daily routines, including nutritional education and hygiene practices
  • Learning and education through development, building skills and achieving goals

Nurture and Preserve Program

  • Supporting the process of restoration
  • Education to create a stable and nurturing environment
  • Re-engagement
  • Education to help develop goals and activities

New Parent Program

  • Education and mentoring with attachment, bonding and engagement techniques
  • Safe sleeping, feeding, settling techniques and milestones

    Domestic Violence

    • Support and assistance


    • Building life skills through mentoring, support and education

    People Matter

    Finding the right people for our families is incredibly important to us. Our VCP team has a dedicated recruitment coordinator that ensures our Family Support Workers are experienced and dedicated.

    Family Support Workers come from a variety of industry sectors, spanning disability services to early childhood. Many hold qualifications and expertise developed whilst working in the field. Passionate about positively impacting the lives of children and their families, they provide a pivotal service to our families.

    Our Sourcing Coordinator’s key responsibility is to match the correct Family Support Worker with the family based on qualifications, skills and unique needs to achieve the required goals and outcomes.

    Always On Hand

    We’re with you all the way. Every case is unique in its complexity and demands. We provide:

    • 24 hour a day support
    • Dedicated after hours emergency support; and
    • Clear and concise reporting at every stage of the process

    If you’d like to find out more about Zest Care’s Vulnerable Children’s Program, please contact our team on (02) 9683 3400 or via