Support Workers: The Behind-The-Scene Heroes

Danielle Lawson Uncategorized

At Zest, we know better than most how important Support Workers are for any disability care provider. Working with some of the most vulnerable members in our community, our dedicated Support Workers empower those they care for to live their most fulfilling lives. Whether this means helping our clients achieve their goals, making the general day-to-day tasks like housework or meal preparation easier, or simply bringing passion to their duties and approaching obstacles with confidence — in this realm, Support Workers are second to none. They are the behind-the-scenes heroes.

Highly skilled and empathetic

To be a Support Worker means to fully invest, to sincerely care about clients. They seek to make a positive impact on those who need help. In the case of Zest, our Support Workers’ mission statement is simple: To enable people living with disabilities to live the life they want with a support system that actually works for them. This is accomplished by going above and beyond to deliver tailored care plans and tailored care solutions.

Support Workers aim to provide their clients with as much choice and autonomy as possible. The one-on-one approach ensures the needs of the client are well and truly catered for to the best possible capacity. And by offering empathetic and pragmatic support, clients are provided the right opportunities to reach their maximum potential when it comes to education, professional life, and even personal relationships.

Other qualities of a Support Worker

Empathy to the highest degree, well-measured patience, and unrivalled communication skills. These are the essentials of any good Support Worker. Other traits you will often encounter may include:

– Outstanding interpersonal skills
– Outstanding written and verbal communication skills
– Complex problem-solving skills
– High emotional intelligence

Support Workers should have an in-depth understanding of the most “people-centric” approach to disability support.

Daily tasks

The daily tasks of a Support Worker obviously varies depending on the client’s individual needs. However, a typical day shift may involve any of the following:

– Domestic chores
– Medical assistance
– Personal grooming and hygiene
– Emotional support
– Communication assistance (family, friends, healthcare providers)

Creating new meaning in lives

Yet another core objective of a Support Worker is to help clients discover new and meaningful ways to be involved with their immediate community. And not just the basic group outings to the local shopping centre, cafe, or park. This is about engaging in activities of substance and purpose that clients are actually enthusiastic about.

Support Workers generally have access to an interconnected network of communication with other Support Workers. This allows them to keep a finger on the pulse, gain further clarity on industry best practices, as well as keep up to date on the most empowering experiences available for their clients. The life of any individual, after all, is coloured by positive experiences.

Zest Care is a registered provider of NDIS disability support services. Please get in touch if you’d like any more information about how we work with individuals to achieve their goals.