The Reward in Supporting Others

Danielle Lawson In-Home Child Care

For Amy Alexander, the best part of her job is the knowledge that every day she is supporting families who have a variety of needs.

Amy started as an Educarer with Zest Care six months ago and in that time has become a crucial part of the families that she works with. This is reflected in her receiving Zest Care’s ‘Educarer of the Month’ award in March, which celebrates those bringing extra dedication and passion to their work.

The role of Educarer is a natural fit for Amy, who has always been drawn to helping others. Before joining Zest Care, Amy worked for the Salvation Army in their social work program. She has also helped run after-school programs for disadvantaged kids. Amy was motivated to become an Educarer with Zest Care because it meant getting out into the field and working directly with children.

“Working with the kids is the best part of the job. They’re usually so happy and brighten up your day, no matter what you have happening. Knowing that you’re there to help the family when they are going through a tough time is a very rewarding feeling.”

Most of the families that Amy works with have young children and need extra support because of special circumstances. Having Amy there is integral in helping those families get through what can be an incredibly challenging time.

“I’m really there to pitch in and help wherever I can. For example, if a mother has recently given birth and has older children, it can be hard for them to cope alone. My daily routine varies a lot. I assist with the children’s general care, entertain them and also work on developing their skills. It’s all about giving them the best possible start.”

For both Amy and Zest Care, working in a field where we can support families to live their best life is the ultimate reward.