Plan Management

What Is Plan Management?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme—or NDIS—allocates funding to those with disabilities. If you are eligible for help from the NDIS, you will be given what’s known as a “Plan” for such funding as required. This will be created after you have outlined your needs and goals; after which point the NDIS will decide the levels of assistance or “Supports” you will need across a range of different areas.

A Plan Manager handles the financial and administrative aspects relating to such Plans. Their role is predominantly in financial control, such as in paying invoices to providers, keeping a “funds spent” tally, and answering any questions you may have about your funding or the money you have to spend at any given point.

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What Are The Benefits?

Remembering to pay invoices on time can be very stressful and complicated. Using a Plan Manager makes your life easier, and makes a complex system more simple. This, in turn, leads to less stress for you as a client, because there is someone with experience and knowledge about the system working on your care.

Using a Plan Manager will ensure your funds are allocated correctly, it also reduces the risk of running
out of funds midway through the Plan period. A Plan Manager can help to avoid this and make sure you get the most from your Plan, without wasting money and making sure you’re getting the support and care you need.

Zest Care NDIS Plan Management

You Retain Control, Always

A Plan Manager cannot tell you what to spend your Plan funding on. Clients are always in control of how the money is spent, and what it’s being spent on. This means that you always retain choice and control over your Plan.

So, if you’re a client, it’s always up to you, and you can choose the providers and kinds of support you need, providing this is allowed for in your Plan. If you don’t want to use Zest for any of our other services, you don’t have to! Our Plan Management services can be used independently and you can still use any Support Coordination or Direct Supports services that you may prefer.

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Who Can Use Our Plan Management Services?

If you have funding for Plan Management in your NDIS Plan, then you can opt to use a registered NDIS provider like Zest to assist with managing your Plan.

Using Our Plan Management Services

You can sign up to our Plan Management services at any time, providing you have the funding for this. We aim to get new clients signed up within 24 hours and commence services.

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