Kelly-Anne Cooks Up a Storm with Zest Care!

Danielle Lawson NDIS

One of the great joys of Zest Care’s work is helping people achieve their goals of independence, plus assisting them in maintaining and improving their connections with family and the community.

Kelly-Anne has an intellectual disability and lives by herself in North-Western Sydney.

Zest Care have been co-ordinating her NDIS Supports since August 2017. This has included helping her to access Community and Informal Supports, as well as assisting her to become more independent with visits from Zest Care Support Workers twice a week.

One goal which has been achieved during this time is ensuring that Kelly-Anne sees more of her 18 year old daughter, who also has a disability. Previously they were only able to meet 3-4 times a year. Zest Care have worked on increasing this, so that Kelly-Anne can now spend at least one day with her daughter every month. They both love this opportunity to connect.

“Last time I saw her, I gave her dresses as Christmas presents! Christmas Day I’m going to spend with friends and have pork or chicken.”

Another goal for Kelly-Anne is to learn more skills for independent living, such as cleaning, cooking and looking after the house.

Kelly-Anne loves cooking and Zest Care have been helping her to learn new recipes in the kitchen. This can be fun as well as practical. Recently Kelly-Anne’s Support Worker taught her how to make spring rolls… she then made thirty independently! She loved being able to share these with her friends and her Mum, who lives nearby.

We’re delighted that in the four months we’ve been working with Kelly-Anne, we’ve been able to help her achieve important goals… which makes her this month’s Good News Story!