Keeping You Connected

Danielle Lawson Uncategorized

COVID-19 is a major global event that has enforced self-isolation to be the “new normal.” It is understandable to feel stressed and anxious as we are temporarily separated from friends and family. Thankfully, we are graced with the internet enabling us to think of creative ways to share and stay connected during such unprecedented times.

Here are some ideas that may help you stay connected:


Zoom is a video meeting service that has made its way into socially connecting – having a party, sharing a meal and chatting with friends. If you cannot physically visit someone, then a video call is the next best thing and can be held on your computer or smart phone.

When connected via video, the possibilities of interaction with your loved ones is plentiful. Playing multiplayer online games, reading a book, origami or talking about your day can help you stay connected.

Netflix Party

Missing out on movie night with friends? A Netflix party could be your answer. This new feature creates a sense of connection between friends and family – enabling you to watch a movie or TV series at the same time. At present you can only use this feature on your desktop or laptop. It has synchronised video playback and group chat. Click here to learn more about this service.


Meetup is a service used to organise online groups that host in-person events for people with similar interests. As we are not able to go out and about, Meetup has moved face to face events to a virtual experience using Zoom. Learning a new language, meeting a new group of friends, joining a book club or learning meditation are some of the possibilities.

Nonetheless, there is always a good old telephone call to have a chat to a friend or family member and stay connected during this time.

Access Support

The coronavirus outbreak and practising self-isolation can be stressful and impact on mental health and wellbeing. It is natural to feel a range of emotions, such as stress, worry, anxiety, boredom, or low mood. If you are feeling overwhelmed, access support. NSW Health has provided a range of phone and online services which offer support.

No matter where you live or which country you are from, COVID-19 has affected all our lives. It has changed the way we live, act and communicate. More importantly, it has united the world to fight one battle and deepen our partnerships. It is the positive we take out of this situation and the possibilities we can continue to achieve.