“In the Spotlight” – Kylie

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Kylie has over 20 years’ experience in the disability sector before starting her journey with Zest Care. Her active passion for quality service has crossed paths with areas of domestic violence, forensics, drug and alcohol, personal care, domestic assistance and community access. Kylie strives to work with individuals to reach their goals – big or small and is a valuable member of the Newcastle Zest Care team.

What is your job title?
Client Engagement Coordinator

What is the role of a Client Engagement Coordinator?
My role focuses on assisting our Support Coordinators to find the best support for our clients. I actively engage in the local Newcastle community to find a solution to various areas of concern including housing and direct support and contribute to the awareness of positive change in our sector. My philosophy is ‘onwards and upwards.’

How long have you been in the disability service provider industry?
I have been in the disability sector for over 20 years working as a LAC with St Vincent De Paul and being a team leader to get the best outcomes for our participants. I have worked with clients to aid with everyday necessities including food, shelter, bills and counselling services. My experience has also focused on building awareness of mental health.

What excites you most about Zest?
My team is making a mark in the disability service provider industry in Newcastle and striving to expand our services and support to our clients on a national level.

How do you personally make sure you go the extra mile?
I take time to listen and take a personal approach with each of our clients. I am always real and transparent, with very honest conversations and stand by my own principles to follow whilst living by Zest Cares values.

Do you have any self-care routines to avoid taking your work home with you?
I breathe disability and community spirit – I work with OCCI Ocean Coastal Care. We look after injured animals and volunteer with the SES to aid with local disasters. I believe that we are all responsible for looking out for each other with love and kindness.

Your message for the team?
Keep up the good work  and let’s treat our clients with promise, respect and care.