“It Allows Me To Be The Mother I Always Wanted To Be”

Danielle Lawson In-Home Child Care

Giving birth for the first time is huge. Giving birth and then being involved in a car accident which leaves you with incredibly painful and disabling injuries is every new mother’s worst nightmare.

Such was the situation that Kirsty* found herself in just over nine months ago, with serious neck and shoulder injuries after an accident. Kirsty also had the added complexity of a previous episode of depression, which she had successfully overcome but which she and her family worried would be triggered by trying to cope with a newborn, as well as the debilitating pain and restricted movement. Kirsty’s husband would help as much as possible but the family also needed him to fulfill his work commitments.

The family clearly needed assistance as soon as possible. A social worker recommended Zest Care and they responded immediately, assessing the situation and sending in an Educarer to assist with manual tasks – organising the house, washing and supporting while Kirsty attended physiotherapy appointments. It was particularly important for that support to be in place first thing in the morning while Leah’s medication kicked in.

Kirsty and her family paid for the first four weeks of care themselves while they waited on supporting documentation from doctors, which then needed to be cleared through government channels. This underscores how important it is for the community to have a resource like Zest Care’s Crisis Support program available. Many people also don’t realise that the Australian Government supports the well-being of children and their parents with up to 161 hours a week of care for those who find themselves in difficult situations, which is assessed across a range of physical and social factors.

As Kirsty says, Zest Care is there to support, rather than take over, so that she can ‘be the mother I always wanted to be’.

‘Having that support has ensured that I don’t slip back into depression and that my son isn’t in any danger.’

Zest Care’s mission is to let people know that they don’t have to go it alone – support is available for ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances.

*Names have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.