Vulnerable Children’s Program

What Is The Vulnerable Children’s Program?

Our Vulnerable Children Program is specifically designed to work closely with referring partners (such as FACS) to provide care and support at a moment’s notice.

Our process remains simple and effective for our referrers. We are committed to providing communication at each step ensuring you are always informed of progress.

All of our programs are able to be tailored to suit the needs of our referrers and the families to ensure that progress is made in relation to the desired outcomes.

Our support is available 24 hours a day with a dedicated after-hours team that is able to r
emain agile and meet the demands associated with each referrer, individual or family.

Zest Care Vulnerable Children’s Program

What Kinds Of Situations Are We Involved In?

There are many risks which could bring a family into the support of the Vulnerable Children’s Program. This risk may stem from a combination of physical, mental and social factors involving either the parents or guardians, or the child themselves. Each of the families we help is unique, but some of the scenarios involve:

  • Domestic violence

  • Drug and alcohol addiction or abuse

  • Disadvantaged families

  • Family breakdown

  • Children with additional needs

  • Parents who are struggling due to mental or physical illness

  • Parents who have intellectual delays who may require a bit of help

  • Respite care

How Do We Help Our Families?

Every family is unique in its complexity and demands. Our professional team of Family Support Workers offer personalised care designed around each family’s unique needs and goals. We have delivered successful outcomes through tailored programs that support children and families across the following areas:

  • Positive parenting skills, techniques and strategies

  • Challenging behaviour management

  • Daily routine establishment

  • Re-engagement practices

  • Nutritional awareness

  • Hygiene practices

  • Trigger identification

  • Respite

  • Child protection

  • Support services in cases of neglect

  • Support and guidance for families recovering from domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse

  • Inclusion strategies

  • Mothercraft – safe sleeping, wrapping, feeding, bonding and attachment

  • Emergency care

  • Age-appropriate learning activities and developmental goals.

We are often able to reunite families, and we are happy when they are able to leave our program!

Who Can Use Our Vulnerable Children’s Program?

Most of our clients in this program are referred by Family & Community Services.

If our services apply to your situation, or you are seeking further information about how our program could help a child or family in need  please get in touch.