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Why the partnership between the Pararoos and Zest Care is so important

“The ability to get the Pararoos name out there more and more is huge.” Find out why fundraising and the partnership with Zest Care is essential for the growth of the Pararoos.


At Zest Care, We’re Community Driven

Making a difference within the community, whether that be via small, personal efforts or huge exciting projects, is what drives us all here at Zest Care. We endeavour to work closely with both Government and community bodies in an attempt to make the world a brighter and more inclusive place for us all.

Proud Sponsors of the Pararoos

We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with the Pararoos, Australia’s national Paralympic Football Team. The 7-a-side squad represent Australia in a number of national and international tournaments for athletes with cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury or symptoms acquired from stroke. Leading by example, the Pararoos ‘fair go’ attitude, both on and off the pitch, is a shining representation of the beliefs and values we hold here at Zest Care. We couldn’t be prouder to call ourselves the inaugural sponsor of the team as they work their way towards the World Cup in 2019!

Find out more about our partnership with the Pararoos here.

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