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Zest Care has been providing tailored education and care for families – in their home – across New South Wales since 2001. During the last 17 years we have supported thousands of children and their families working together to meet their unique needs and goals.

We provide fully funded In-Home Child Care services that offer flexible and personalised care to eligible families. The skills and expertise of our child care Educarers are carefully matched with the unique needs and desires of each family and tailored programs delivered in the comfort of the home.

Our services include

  • Early Education (EYLF based) & Care
  • Tailored Care Patterns
  • Up To 161 Hours Per Week
  • Before & After School Cover
  • Available 24/7, 365 days per year
  • In-Home Reviews
  • Who can utilise these services?

    In-Home Child Care services cover a range of expertise that supports families with:

    • Physical Disabilities
    • Mental Health Issues
    • Domestic Violence
    • Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation
  • Restoration and Respite
  • Post Natal Depression
  • Multiple Births
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    Why consider Zest Care for your needs?

    With over 17 years of In-Home Childcare experience, we have provided tailored care to a range of families across New South Wales. We partner closely with our referring organisations to customise our education and care programs to reach achievable outcomes for both the children and their families. As an organisation centred around achieving the best results for each individual and family, we work collaboratively with our referrers to understand and deliver the desired outcomes and define appropriate educational goals for every child.

    Our purpose is to bring early education and care into the family’s home through the provision of age appropriate activities, encouraging the development of the child’s life skills to compliment the family’s daily routine.

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    Fully Funded:

    Designed for families where there is:

      – A child at risk of serious harm, abuse or neglect
      – A family with an exceptional case of short term financial hardship which has substantially reduced their capacity to pay childcare fees.
    Designed for Grandparents who:

    – Receive an income support payment from the Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
    – Is the primary provider of the ongoing daily care and is responsible for the day-to-day welfare and development of the child.

    Designed for families working with community services or organisations where there is an identified need for education and care within the family home.

    Partially Funded:

    Designed for families who are eligible to access In-Home Child Care services and access Child Care Benefit and/or Child Care Rebate.*

    *CCB and CCR rebates are dependent on Centrelink Eligibility Tests.

    If you are interested in finding out more about any of our personalised programs or how Zest Care can help you or a family you know, get in touch today!

    02 9683 3400

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    In-Home Child Care:

    In order to apply for fully funded/partially funded in-home child care programs the following criteria is required for families whose children:

    Cannot be cared for by other child care services or whose circumstances mean that an existing child care service cannot meet their needs.


    To whom one or more of the following applies:

    • The child has, or lives with another child who has, an illness or a disability.
    • The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) has an illness or disability that affects their ability to care for the child.
    • The child lives in a rural or remote area.

    • The work hours of the child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) are hours when no other approved child care service is available.
    • The child’s guardian (or guardian’s partner) is caring for three or more children who have not yet started school.

    Having helped thousands of children and families for over 17 years, we can help assess your eligibility.

    In-Home Child Care is reserved for children of families who – for whatever reason – cannot attend a mainstream child care or day care service. Having helped thousands of children and families over the years please give us a call and we can help assess your eligibility.

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    Zest Care provides In-Home Child Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure the care needs of every child is met. Our services are flexible to work around the needs of you and your family.
    Before selecting an Educarer we carefully assess the unique requirements and desired outcomes for both the children and family. Once established, we partner your family with the Educarer that can best attend to your needs and help you achieve your goals.
    Eligible families can access In-Home Child Care programs free of charge dependent on approvals from the Family Assistance Office.

    The cost of In-Home Child Care varies depending on your individual circumstances and the program your family is eligible to access. Fully funded and partially funded programs are available. Call our Intake Team to assess your options.

    As a Government approved In-Home Child Care provider these places remain capped and are allocated by the Australian Government through the Department of Education and Training (DET). If you would like to apply for an In-Home Child Care place with Zest Care call us on 02 9683 3400.

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      “We have used Zest Care’s In-Home Child Care service since May 2010. My nanny takes Emily to see my wife Rebecca, who now resides in an aged care home due to an early onset of Alzheimer’s at 32 years old, everyday as part of her routine. The service and emotional support has been invaluable and I would shudder to think of our situation without their help.”


      Scott Dolg
    • Zest Care Butterfly

      “Both of my sons, Finn and Luke, suffer from severe GORD (Gastro Oesphagus Reflux Disease) and require constant monitoring. During this time I was also unfortunately diagnosed with major health problems, care assistance is therefore vital to our daily functioning. Zest Care have allowed us to be a ‘normal’ family so to speak. “


      Julianne Ehlert-Connor
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      “After my diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer I was unable to lift and care for my two boys. I required care outside of the standard hours to help care for my children in the mornings and evenings. The application process was a lot easier than I thought and all the staff at Zest Care are all very helpful and supportive. The service is fantastic for families who have the need. “


      Celena Haimovitch
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      “As a sufferer of severe Multiple Sclerosis and a mother of quadruplets and a toddler all under the age of five I have found the support of Zest Care In-Home Child Care invaluable and I can’t imagine how I would have coped without that help. It has definitely been a positive experience for our family and improved our daily routine. “


      Kerrie Perry
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      “Due to her multiple disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Vision Impairment, Right Side Spastic Quadriplegia and Autistic Spectrum Disorder, our six year old daughter Georgia is in need of constant day-to-day care. Zest Care provides our family with invaluable support, especially on the days when Georgia’s behaviour is extremely disruptive. Without Zest Care Georgia would be missing out on a lot of vital experiences that help her learn and grow.”


      Chris & Kim Sindel
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      “We could never thank Zest Care enough for everything they have done for our family. Having an Educarer has allowed Chloe to remain in her home environment and spend quality time with me that would otherwise not be possible. If I ever have a bad day with my MS it’s a comfort to know that Chloe is always in wonderful hands and being looked after. It really gives me peace of mind knowing that Chloe is with a person who genuinely cares about her job and our daughter.”


      Allison Steptoe