Early Intervention & Child Protection

Crisis Support

We have helped thousands of children, their families and the broader communities across NSW over the last 17 years by delivering successful outcomes through bespoke programs under the following frameworks.

We can engage with families on an urgent basis through our Vulnerable Children’s Program which is funded through a referring agency.

We can utilise our existing framework to deliver flexible Early Intervention Strategies including:

  • Respite
  • Restoration
  • Domestic Violence
  • Incapacity
  • Ancillary Services

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Upon engagement, we visit each family in their home to outline our service and allay any concerns. In collaboration with our referring partner we establish the desired outcomes for both the children’s developmental goals, as well as the family in general.

Under these programs our professional team of Educarers are able to practically assist children and families by imparting expertise in a variety of practices:

  • Positive Parenting Techniques
  • Challenging Behaviour Management
  • Daily Routine Establishment
  • Re-Engagement Practices
  • Nutritional Awareness
  • Hygiene Practices
  • Trigger Identification
  • Inclusion Strategies
  • Age Appropriate
    • Learning Activities
    • Developmental Goals

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Disability Support - NDIS - Zest Care
NDIS Support Care - Zest Care
NDIS Disability Support - Zest Care

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Building strength in families

Why consider Zest Care?

With over 17 years’ experience in 1 to 1 personalised care, within homes and in the local community, it makes perfect sense to choose Zest Care as your NDIS provider.

With the focus entirely on you, your needs and aspirations, Zest Care delivers quality support plans that provide you with the freedom to live your life in the way you decide. To ensure we are providing the best care available, every carer is personally assigned to each individual based on their goals, needs and personality allowing for a strong relationship and accomplished goals!

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