NDIS Funded Disability Supports

The NDIS provides funding to participants to purchase a range of supports aimed at increasing their independence, inclusion, social and economic participation. Importantly, the supports delivered will be chosen, and paid for, by individual participants.

Support Category

Support Item

Coordination of supports:

Zest Care can connect you to services and programs that can help you meet your needs and NDIS goals within a limited time frame.
We can help find, connect and arrange services that will help you meet your NDIS goals and needs.

These services can be formal services such as speech therapy or they can be informal services such as support groups.

Zest Care will support customers to develop the capability to manage their own NDIS plan.

Assistance with self care activities:

Zest Care can help with tasks around the home and with any personal care needs. Supports can be in the home or out in the community.

These supports can include, but are not limited to, setting afternoon routines for your child, teaching skills such as cooking, daily planning, home maintenance and help with attending to personal care needs.

Improved daily living skills:

Zest can support you with helping to plan your day, prepare for the week and manage your budget.
Zest Care can help you undertake your routine therapy plans within the home on a regular basis.
Zest can support you in developing skills needed for everyday life, such as cooking, shopping and travelling by public transport.
We can provide you with basic training/guidance on how to best support your loved one.

Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities:

Zest Care can assist you in engaging in community, social and recreational activities including supporting you during these activities and developing your ability to participate in these activities.

Increased social and community participation:

Zest can help you identify support within your own community to build relationships, strengthen your support network and give you the skills needed to become more independent.
We can support you to build a range of skills in the home to become more self-sufficient.
Zest Care can support you and others build a range of skills to develop capacity and become more independent.

Improved life choices:

The management and processing of invoices and payments relating to your NDIS plan.

This includes the monthly processing and follow up of payments to providers.

Improved learning:

Zest Care can support you with skills training, advice, assistance with arrangements and orientation to assist you transition through school and to further education.

Improved living arrangements:

Zest can support you to obtain/retain appropriate accommodation by helping you find, budget and apply for tenancy.

Improved relationships:

Zest can support you in developing social skills that assist you to become an active and social participant in your community.

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