In The Spotlight – Mariam Carfi

Zest Care In The Spotlight

For our ‘In The Spotlight’ piece this month, we will be meeting Mariam,¬†our Outcomes Facilitator who works closely with Educarers to assist families with their goals.
In The Spotlight - Mariam from Zest Care
What is your job role?

As Outcomes Facilitator, I work closely with our Family Service and Operational teams to support the Educarers who assist the families to reach their goals. Together with the family, we create an Outcome Guide to establish goals for the Educarer to work towards. We then work hard to track the families progress through weekly summaries provided by the Educarer. The best feeling is when a child achieves a goal they have been working towards.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I play a part in helping the families meet their goals. The work we do is vital as we provide feedback to the Referrers on the progress of the family.

How long have you worked with Zest Care?

In May I will have been with Zest Care for 12months.

Your message for the team

We do what we do from our hearts, and together we can achieve anything!