Our Team

We Care

The team at Zest Care are experienced and qualified. Coming from a variety of industry sectors, spanning disability services to early childhood, many hold qualifications and expertise developed whilst working in the field.

In-Home Child Care

This is where it all starts… whether you are a family or a referrer this is the team that gets things underway. You may have questions on eligibility, how to link your CRNs or how to access the programs, the Intake Team are here to help!
What, When, How, Where…our Family Services Team will gain a comprehensive understanding of the needs of each of our clients; in consultation, Zest Care will design a unique program to deliver the desired outcomes.

After meeting children and families at their home the team will brief our Operations Team on
the ideal Educarer. Once the program has commenced they will remain in contact to provide support and seek feedback throughout.

This team is all about the Who – sourcing the most suitable Educarer for the unique needs of the children and family.

Working closely with the Family Services Team they gain a deep understanding of the challenges and desired outcomes; they use this knowledge to assess the skills and experience of available Educarers every single day! They are there to support both clients and Educarers for all things “shift” related.

Staying on track… this team guide and support our Educarers on assignment; through regular assessment of their progress the Outcomes Team ensure we remain focussed on the outcomes. They work closely with both our Family Services and Operations Teams – providing feedback around our clients’ goals and Educarer performance.
It’s all about the children… this is the team that makes the difference. With a focus on quality education and care, our Educarers deliver personalised programs to achieve the developmental goals for children and outcomes for the family.

Using age appropriate activities they adapt, develop and tailor their approach to the unique needs of each family unit. Their passion and commitment to making a positive difference in a child’s life is unwavering.

Disability Services

It’s all about you… our Customer Engagement Team engage personally, 1 to 1, with each customer who has an NDIS plan. We come to you and consult on YOUR wants and needs. Your Customer Engagement Coordinator understands that each individual requires different types and levels of supports and as such they develop your care plans and assign our staff around that. Thus, we cater our services to match each participant’s individualised plan.
We care… Zest Care personally assigns one of our team of professional and experienced Carers to each participant based on their unique needs, goals and personality to ensure the best care is provided. We secure a Carer who has the skills and knowledge to achieve your plan.


This team finds the talent. It’s their job to attract, assess and select the most suitable candidates available across both the In-Home Child Care and Disability sectors.

They ensure our staff are suitably qualified, experienced and have the attitude to exceed our clients’ expectations.


As an approved Child Care and Disability Support Provider we bring high quality care and support into the homes and lives of children who would otherwise be unable to gain the basic rights of all Australian children. We strive to give every child access to the best possible start in life.

Zest Care recruits In‐Home Educarers and Disability Support Carers who meet essential criteria to be referred for work. Each and every one of them has industry experience relevant to the client family, with current qualifications and a passion to be involved in the lives of children. They are able to work flexible hours, and are part of a dedicated team providing a valuable service to our families and the community.